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Behind on Payments / Bad Terms

Revest Investments to the rescue

Revest Investments/Cashhousemarket understand that you may have multiple reasons to give up on a house such as:

  • poor financial state
  • hard mortgage terms
  • retirement
  • loss in business
  • moving to another state etc.

We are here to help you get through this time of distress by buying your house with cash regardless of the area or condition. However, our offer would consider multiple factors such as amount of outstanding mortgage, condition of house, location of the property etc. No worries at Revest Investments we buy “As is” at a “Fast cash offer”.. By choosing us, you could expect some relief in two aspects first, payment of mortgage loans instantly and second, we pay in cash thus, no more bank involvement and debt profile to your name. We try to offer a deal which is profitable for both you and us.

Behind on payments

Many owners who contact RVI’s have a common issue that is they are behind on their mortgage payments. The situation can be very upsetting and we understand your position. We are here not only to buy your house cash but also to guide you through the process.

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