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Foreclosure in Texas?
Are you a homeowner currently facing foreclosure on your property in Texas? Then you may need someone to buy your home directly and for a quick and fair cash offer. You may be denied the opportunity to negotiate with your lender if you attempt to approach them alone. Also, hiring an attorney may not be better off, as that may cost you a lot of money. Now, the big question is how you can avoid a foreclosure?

Are You Currently Facing a Foreclosure on Your Home?
No worries, RVIs CashHouseMarket will inspect your home and offer you a fair value for your property, regardless of its condition. Feel free to compare our rates with that of our competitors. Our cash offer will, however, be determined by some factors such as the present state of the property, mortgage on the home, location, whether or not there are tenants in the property, etc.
More interestingly, we are ready to buy your house and close on the transaction in just a few days in Cash. Although the factors mentioned above are the determinants of our cash offer, we will certainly step in to assist you to avoid a foreclosure on your home.

Short Sale
Sometimes, you owe more than your home is worth due to many factors. As Licensed Realtors in the State of Texas, We will also use our expertise and experience to influence the lender or bank to disregard the amount owed after paying a portion of the debt-this is referred to as “Short Sale Process.”

A Short sale procedure allows you enjoy some privileges that are not available with a foreclosure. For example, whereas in the case of a foreclosure, your deficiency debt is not cleared, the short sale procedure makes it possible for the bank or lending house to clear pending debt to erase your debt profile offering you an opportunity to begin a new debt-free life. Rely on RVI with our experience and professionalism, we can help you negotiate with your lender to set you free from future payment of debt.

Stop a Foreclosure and Sell Your Home in Texas “As Is” for Fast Cash Offer
In any situation,where you have equity or when the amount the amount you owe is far more than what your property is worth, we know what to do to avoid a foreclosure or assist in a Short Sale.

We will buy your property in Texas in few days and settle you in full cash.

So many home buyers have become frustrated when they predict or notice foreclosure. However, no need to worry when you have a competent and experienced team walking right beside you, and guiding you through the steps.

Don’t bother about forfeiting your home during the process.

Do you need professional assistance?

Already got a notice?

Deficient in payments?

Contact us today lets discuss the possible options with you.

Do you wish to sell your foreclosure home in Texas? We will guide you through easy and fast steps to sell off your home for cash.

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