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RVI/Cash House Investment Opportunities

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started in real estate investing or if you are an experienced investor looking to purchase properties. You can Rely on RVI/CashHouseMarket for some amazing opportunities.

If you are interested in real estate investing then we are here to guide you through each step of the process. We will help you Locate, Analysis and Purchase Investment Properties in the Area That’s Best For You.

Once the property is purchased. We will provide a list of licensed and Insured contractors to complete the renovations, Needed Repair and Upgrades to make ready For Sale or Rent.

At Cash House we work with Real estate investors in a number of different ways.

  • Rental Property for a source of monthly income
  • Fix and Flip to gain bigger profits
  • Learn how to Wholesale for quick cash

Portfolio Liquidation

We will pay cash for your Property Portfolios. SFR Packages, or REO BULK inventory as well. Whether you’re a Property Manager, Asset Manage, Hedge Fund , or R.E. Investor Make RVI’s

Portfolio Liquidation

Types of Real Estate Investments –

Fixer Upper Properties

Our Experience is in purchasing Pretty Houses, Ugly Houses, Older Houses, Flooded Houses, Burned or Trashed Houses and Even Hoarder Houses that are in need of repair or update that most homeowner can’t afford or they are not willing to do.

Cash House Market is where both Homeowner and Investor live to get a fair deal in the housing Market. It is our process to flip these houses at below market value to investors from those that need to Sell. The Investor can then Repair, Renovate and Upgrade these homes to Sell or Rent.

If you have had any experience in Real Estate Investing, Then you would agree that it is the process that can consume a lot of your time. At RVI’s Cash house Market we are Licensed Realtors who are dedicated to the advancement of our investors. We Locate, Evaluate and provide all needed paperwork for each transaction. We provide MLS comps as Well as requested Market Data per transaction.

On the Market there is no hassle and No time to waste. So call us when you want to Purchase Investment properties. No Yard Signs or Pipe Dreams only real investment opportunities.

Rental Properties

Want monthly income? Invest in Rental properties that will allow you to build a portfolio of rental properties and Your desired Monthly income. Most of these properties or turnkey meaning they have already been renovated and are ready to rent or They already have a tenant.

We Buy Real Estate Investments

Investor if you have a property that hasn’t worked out and you need to sell? Bring it to the market. We will give you a fair AS-IS offer and close quickly so that you can feel comfortable moving on to your next investment.

We hope it’s in the Market

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