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Probate / Inherited Property


“At RVI we want to be here in your time of need and would like to extend our condolences for your lost”
Probate, by definition is the legal process for the transfer of assets-Houses from the deceased
person’s name to his or her estate so they can be sold. At RVI/ we are
Probate Certified and can guide you through the complete process. click the links below for
helpful information when going through a probate process.

Executor’s Duties
The Probate Timeline

We can work with your attorney as well as assist with any clean-up,Trash removal or estate sales during the process of buying your Probate property Cash.

Probate is a technical and costly procedure which becomes hard for people with no extensive knowledge of the process. Professional help is what you need. We are licensed realtors in the state of Tx. and Probate Certified. We will help you save time and money by providing all information needed through the procedure. We will also buy the property in probate Cash in any area or condition.

Inherited Property

Many of us inherit property from our loved ones, but others may inherit individual property that
is distant or unwanted. In most cases, you may already have a house or simply don’t want the
property. A simple and fast solution is to sell it for Cash.

RVI’s/ will buy your unwanted inherited property for Cash. Even if the
property is damaged and needs serious repairs and you don’t have enough money, don’t worry
we will buy it.

So, if you want to sell your property immediately for a good value just give us a call.

We will pay a visit to your inherited property and make assessment of the location and condition
and then give you a cash offer.

If you are out of state or unable to maintain or assess the property. No worries our team will do
all of the work for you including clean-up, trash removal, estate sale, etc.

Get a cash offer today

To sell your property for cash “as is” call us right now and get the best offer in town.

Get A Cash Offer