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Ugly House / Structural

Ugly Fixer Upper

Do you own a house that is ugly or highly damaged? Or you don’t have enough money to spend on the needed repairs or maintenance? Or simply your house is not attractive to you anymore.

No worries!

RVI/CashHousemarket will buy your house As-Is Cash. We buy Every House in Any Condition, In Any Location. Your house might not look attractive to you, But to Us, It Will. We are always looking for houses that have no more use to their current owner and We offers a Fair Value in Cash.
There could be many reasons that houses are considered fixer uppers and we don’t mind any:

  • Age
  • Outdated exterior/interior
  • Layout Etc.

We simply buy Any House, in Any condition and in Any location.

Structural issues

Does your house has issues like:

  • Foundation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

Do you think you are left with no other option but to dump it and move on because you don’t have enough money to spend on repairs that can cost thousands? The good news is. You don’t have to gather the money to spend on the repairs. Cash House will buy your house Cash. We will have a structural engineer assess the structural condition of the house and then we will estimate a Fair Cash Offer.

You don’t have to ask the real estate agency to find a buyer for your house because due to its condition, it may take years. Even if the agency finds a buyer, they might want you to pay for the repairs or Pay only land value and consider your House/building trash. To RVI no house is trash even if you think so. We take fixer uppers as great opportunity to invest in and do renovations in a modern way. We are also well known for paying our Highest and Best in Cash.

Get A Cash Offer